5 awesome tools for Ethereum development!

Smart contract development is still in its early stages! The tools you can use to build, monitor and visualize your smart contracts evolves every day and we picked for you the 5 tools you should keep an eye on.



Simple access to the blockchain through the browser!

MetaMask is a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that allows anyone to interact with the Ethereum blockchain in a simple way! From MetaMask, you can access or create a new Ethereum address, easily send transfers to other address and sign transactions to interact with Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps).

Enabling users to access and play with the blockchain in one click is awesome and MetaMask allows developers to build awesome applications like CryptoKitties, EtherDelta that rocks the blockchain!



Scalable and safe Ethereum nodes available for developers.

When starting with blockchain development, something that can be a deal breaker is getting the Blockchain on your device! Thanks to Infura, you can access any data you would normally access through the web3.js tool through their API.

infura provides to anyone, free of charge a set of nodes you can query to get block informations, transaction receipts and events. On their website they tell they handle more than 5 billions requests per day and more than 9 thousand developers.

To use Infura, you need an API key that you can get by registering on their website. You should not that some operations are not permitted as they may be too costly for them to handle. Such as new blocks and event listening.



Remix IDE

Powerful web based Ethereum IDE.

Remix is a web interface that helps you to write, deploy and interact with your smart contracts. It is available here but can also be self hosted as the project is open source.

The interface can be sometimes a little bit complicated but it’s really powerful. It also come with a code analyser that will help you write better code by raising warnings, and a debugger that let you run code step by step! As Remix runs inside your browser and connects to the Ethereum blockchain through Metamask, you can deploy directly to any Ethereum network or even your own test blockchain.



DAppBoard ethereum analaytics


The analytics platform for Ethereum’s smart contracts.

DAppBoard is a new Ethereum blockchain explorer. With this tool, you can easily see in a visual way how smart contracts and decentralized applications are doing. How many users are using a decentralized application, how much Ether is processed by the smart contract. You can also visualize global charts that compares games and tokens living on the blockchain.

DAppBoard is still in its early stage but might offer an API in the future that can be great to speed up development of Ethereum smart contracts and empower creators with bird eye view on their applications.


An easy to use IDE for Ethereum smart contract development.

Pragma is a tool really similar to the Remix IDE that lets you write, deploy and interact with your contracts directly from your browser. It is more limited than Remix but more easy to understand and use! After deploying you contract, you can even share a user interface that lets your users interact with the smart contract in a really simple way. This is one of the key feature as users don’t need to install anything (only Metamask) and you don’t have to develop any front end.

Pragma is the number on go tool for first time Ethereum developers that just want to play around and test the features of Solidity.



Are you building or using a tool you want us to feature? Let us know in the comments!

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