Arbitrage Bot DeFi DEX erc20 javascript web3js

Swap tokens with 1inch Exchange in JavaScript: DEX and Arbitrage part 2

For this tutorial will see how to execute a trade using 1inch DEX aggregator in Javascript with the web3.js library. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll know how to exchange ERC20 tokens and Ether directly on the Ethereum blockchain. This article is part 2 (part 1 here) of tutorials we started while using the […]

Arbitrage Bot DeFi DEX javascript solidity

Trading and Arbitrage on Ethereum DEX: Get the rates (part 1)

In this series of tutorials, we explore how to build solutions around trading and making simple arbitrage bot using Ethereum decentralized exchanges (DEX). This series uses Javascript, Solidity, and the 1inch dex aggregator and flash loans. As the subject is wide, we have split the series into several parts below: Get the exchange rates to […]