Every block explorers Ethereum developers should know about

In this article we’ll cover the most useful block explorers for developers and what we love about them. A block explorer is a user interface that let you explore blocks, transactions, accounts of the blockchain. Some offers useful API and other interesting aggregated data like sourcecode, events…


Etherscan is definitely the most popular block explorer for the Ethereum blockchain. We love it because:

  • It’s simple and fast!
  • Has a lot of verified smart contract source code
  • Supports every test networks
  • Enables you to interact with smart contract (read and write)
  • A simple but fast API

If you only have to use one block explorer, it’s the one!


Bloxy is not that popular but offers a lot of advanced information about what’s happening on the blockchain! You should definitely check it because:

  • They have a lot of awesome analytics wth meata data (Top dapps, , Mixer analysis, Token Dynamics….)
  • API is really complete with added metadata.
  • The explorer has a lot of graphs which make understanding behaviour easier


Blockchair offers block explorers for a lot of different blockchains (Ethereum, BTC, Stellar, Cardano..). While they handle a lot of different blockchains they offers some unique features for Ethereum. We love:

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  • An awesome display of the Mempool (pending transactions)
  • Great charts that gives you a good overview on the blockchain activity.
  • Has a great amount of services like API, access to database, price feed…


Ethplorer is a block explorer that focus on tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain. We love:

  • The interface for seeing an address with a timeline indicating holding value, volume…
  • The token page list that you can sort depending on trading volume, captialization and number of transactions.
  • Offers widgets you can embed on your website to display some information specific to a token or an address.

They are a lot more block explorers you can use to get a glimpse on what is happening on the blockchain, did we miss your favorite block explorer? Let us know in the comment section!

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