ETHWaterloo hackathon was awesome

ETHWaterloo is the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon of 2017, where over 300 developers of all backgrounds worked on projects using Ethereum that can have an impact on the world. Teams to make something great in only 36 hours by providing an abundance of hacking resources like mentors, sponsors, and software.

If you did not made it to the event you can still enjoy it thanks to the streamed video. The keynote includes some awesome speaks from the organizer and main actors of the blockchain ecosystem about what to look in the future such as the relationship between blockchains and mechanism design.

And Vitalik Butterin explaining what are the strenghts and visions about blockchains and privacy through cryptography explaining things like Plasma, Ring Signatures and Zk-SNARKS.

During the event, another talk was held about how decentralized technologies will Impact our society with the talks from Joseph Lubin (Consensys), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and more:


Finally, You can find all the submissions of ETHWaterloo on DevPost here.

This hackathon is a nice proof of the blockchain and Ethereum technologies getting more and more popular among institutions, companies and developers.

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