Hack Money, a virtual hackathon to build DeFi applications.

A lot of hackers are stuck at home during the COVID-19 epidemy and ETHGlobal will make sure we will not get bored! After organizing 14 in-person hackathons around the world to accelerate the Ethereum ecosystem it’s now time for a hackathon anyone can participate from anywhere!

The Hack Money hackathon will be accessible to anyone who wants to build DeFi application for 30 days. The hackathon will start Mid-April and we’ll definitely update you with how it goes and will always be there to help you build your project!

ETHGlobal already sucessfully organized 14 hackathons like EthWaterloo, EthIndia, ETHParis and they were always great opportunities to make hackers come together and build great projects. Example of projects that were created during those hackathons are: High Priests, Leverage Aggregator, zkEther, LSDai

This hackathon is a great way to meet people and discover the Ethereum community. While everyone will be participating from around the world it’s the best time to meet likeminded people to build and share with.

It’s also an opportunity to get some money and prizes! Tens of thousands of dollars available in prizes as well as long-term funding opportunities available for the projects participating!

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As the hackathon lasts for 30 days, this is also a great opportunity to build things that lasts. Short hackathons are sometimes frustrating because projects only live the time of a weekend. With this hackathon, you’ll have the opportunity to take time to build something that lasts and can continue existing after the event.

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